Upper Mores Creek Field Trip Registration

July 6, 2023

8:30 am - 4:30 pm MDT

Registration for the Field Trip on July 6th is open.

The field trip to Upper Mores Creek has a capacity of 15 participants.   Approval/acceptance will be acknowledged by email to the first fiften registrations. 

Your email address will be used to confirm your participation and to follow-up on logistics details as needed.

Carpooling - check the carpool box if you prefer to carpool from the Boise NF Supervisor's Office.  We're looking for volunteers to drive their own cars.

Meet at the Idaho City Ranger Station by 8:30 am.  Here is the External link opens in new tab or windowField Tour Itinerary.


Email Address

  I'd like to carpool from the Boise NF Supervisor's Office

  I'm willing to drive my car from the Boise NF SO to Idaho City and have room for riders